Flavor Raid is the Austin-based duo of Joe Gardner and John Aldridge holding up a funhouse mirror to the ever-shifting dance/pop continuum. Their mission is to bend an amalgamation of modern genres and sounds to their will, add a healthy dose of humility and humor, and then proceed to make you dance your ass off.

Gardner, songwriter first and producer second, and Aldridge, multi-instrumentalist and co-founder of Austin band The Black and White Years, have been collaborating since 2009. The pair draw inspiration from genres including hip-hop, funk, pop, trap, dance, and more, and they show off this sound buffet on their debut EP, First Word Problem, which was co-produced by Chris “Frenchie” Smith at Austin’s renowned studio The Bubble. The 2016 EP featured a few glimpses into Flavor Raid’s interpretation of house, trap, and funk, punctuated by Gardner’s humorous and innately self-aware lyrics akin to the satirical themes perfected by Frank Zappa and Devo.

In 2017, Flavor Raid sprang back into action taking the stage for shows at Stubb’s, Formula 1 at the Circuit of the Americas, and more. While the duo has been busy making it hot on the dance floor, they’ve also been hard at work expanding the flavor palate from their first EP into an evolving collection of songs that will become their debut full-length album.